Adobe MAX 2017

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Wish I could be at Adobe Max this year! I could be taking pictures! I’ll just have it set as a goal for next year.

This year I watch the live stream on my desktop computer. To be honest I’m just happy to be at home and prepping my system with the latest set of creative tools that Adobe has to offer.

Adobe added a number of new tools to their list! I’ll be honest, I haven’t accomplished much today. Today I spent time updating nearly every Adobe application in my CC list, PLUS installing a few new programs. There are two in particular that I can’t wait to try!

First: What Adobe was calling Project Felix is now officially known as Adobe Dimension 3D. Quoting Adobe’s website:

“Dimension gives you the power to design in 3D, without having to learn challenging 3D tasks or tools. You can use Dimension to create photo-realistic, high-fidelity images for anything you can imagine from product shots, to branding concepts, packaging, or anything else that requires realistic lighting and shadows; textures that respect 3D contours, angles and perspectives; and design flexibility that is so difficult to achieve with 2D assets.”

It’s Project Felix all grown up! Cool stuff!

Also: The Web design and development workflow has changed considerably over the years. Today it’s ultra-important that designs translate well across all types of devices. Enter Adobe XD CC.  (XD stands for Experience Design). I’m not sure if it will completely replace my Dreamweaver anytime soon, but I can see XD being a much better tool for responsive prototyping and web design.

There are simply too many other updates to mention. It looks like Adobe has given us something new in every single application. Suffice to say it will be a fun next couple of weeks uncovering all the new features and expanding my own skills!