UPDATE: Still having problems blogging regularly. It isn’t that there aren’t enough ideas or things to blog about, it’s lack of time!

For somebody like myself, blogging is more an exercise of stick-to-it-iveness more than anything else. (I know this as truth, I have access to my website’s visitor counts!) That said, new content is good for the curious and those who happen by.

One new website to announce: https://www.dtconstructionpahrump.com/

Last month I spent a great deal of time behind the viewfinder of my DSLR. (My excuse for not blogging.) In amongst product and location shoots, I was able to grab other interesting photographs. This one I took just as I had finished a shoot at the local airport.

Almost directly above me (best guess is 500-800ft altitude), a chopper made a hard left bank. It was a very bright day, the craft was too high up to see much detail with the eye, so I snapped a couple photos not really expecting much. Imagine my surprise when I saw this!


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