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Terms and end-date.

This special is for:

  • vector logos that I have designed in the past, or
  • new logo designs that I create between 08/01/2022 and 12/31/2022, and
  • your logo does not require structural changes (see below for qualifying traits), and
  • you are the owner of the logo and/or have permission to make modifications to the logo (because sometimes logos are trademarked, and if you don’t own the trademark, it may not be legal to change its color.)
  • END DATE: 12/31/2022

So what do I mean by multicolor logo? Basically, a logo that has separated elements, where each element is independent from other elements, and has its own assigned color. In the following examples, the various elements are as follows:

Mad Dog Studio logo is especially complex with

  • Script type color
  • Script type outline color
  • Main text color
  • Main text outline color
  • Collar color
  • Collar edge color
  • Background color
  • Composite ‘tears’ in the main text that allow the background color to show through

The Nye Legal logo is originally a flat design (green with black text), but even so, there are opportunities to have a creative 2023!

logo recolor
logo recolors