Keeping COVID-19 Statistics

If you believe COVID-19 is dangerous just try to track numbers and statistics related to its spread!

I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet (recently reviewed by a friend for accuracy). There was an interesting alignment of numbers… .01% of Nevada’s total population has now been tested and 1% of those have* tested positive.

Numbers are tricky tho .. I have a gut feeling the number of positives is higher — possibly as high as 5% in urban areas like Las Vegas. In rural areas such as Pahrump, the rate is likely much lower. (I haven’t done the numbers yet, but 23 cases divided by our population of 40K is a really low incident rate, but again … not enough testing at this time to pin it.)

*People who were sick 3 weeks ago may not be sick today. Same as with somebody who tested negative 3 weeks ago — they could be sick today. Keeping accurate statistics is tricky, doubly so in the case of a moving target. My sheet is cumulative. I had originally posted it here but removed it (on 4/28) due to an unseen error. I’ve done some additional work on it and may repost it at some point.