Text Scam Targets Busy Holiday Shoppers

Have you shopped at a major department (or grocery) store lately? Like millions of other Americans, chances are you have and a new text scam targets that likelihood.

The scam arrives as a simple text. The text states that you have won an amount of money based on “the code that appears on your shopping receipt”. A link is included in the message. When you click the link you will be taken to a website and presented with a web form. The web form asks you to answer several questions including entering the “last 4 digits of the bar code that appears at the bottom of your receipt”.

At this point you are presented with a congratulatory note and and link to download a file that you should “print and present at the front service desk”.

The downloadable file is not a winning ticket, however. It is malware.

Don’t be fooled by these types of scams. Take note everything that I’ve placed in quotes. See how general the words are? Scams use generalities so as to apply to the widest group of people/targets. Those words could apply to almost any receipt. Recognize general references (in email, texts, & unsolicited phone calls) as signs of a possible scam and always treat links from unsolicited sources as suspicious.