Tracking the novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV

Well … everybody is talking about it so I don’t think my post is anything unusual. The virus is new (novel) and so it’s difficult to tell what will happen. According to a WHO briefing that I watched this morning, the outbreak is real and severe. Steps are being taken to contain (or slow) the spread of the virus, but once the genie is out the bottle (and it is), it is anybody’s best guess as to what might happen next. One thing that I wish I could have done while tracking the spread of malware (also happened to be doing it on a global basis) were graphical tools; things that painted a really clear picture (literally) of how viruses were spreading, how prevalent they were, and etc.

Looking at raw data is cool and all (for geeks), but a picture tells a better story.

There is such a tool for 2019-nCoV! Check it out. –

UPDATE: The title should probably read ‘Mapping the novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV’ instead of Tracking …