Why no front page graphics?!?

Why no front page graphics???

In three short acronyms — LCP, FID, & CLS.  I can explain…

This is actually a website development company although graphics design plays a big part of that.  Anyway, that isn’t the reason….

As we all know, Search Engines get better over time.  They do this by improving upon a set of rules and making changes to their so-called algorithm. Changes to the webmaster guidelines are usually gradual, new features and recommendations are spaced out at an even pace. Sometimes many new guidelines arrive all at once. Not that we didn’t have plenty of forewarning, but Google Search has just such an update arriving in mid-June 2021 – although it too will be a gradual rollout of many new features. The update is named Google Page Experience Update and, gradual rollout or not, there is much work to be done!

In an effort to maintain a high ranking in their search index, I am in the process of optimizing this and all client websites in accordance with Google’s most recent guidelines. The first things to go are unnecessary animations and slow-loading content.

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