Let’s Talk Graphics Graphic Design Services — Our Toolset

Mostly Adobe products — Illustrator & Photoshop for graphics editing, Indesign for page layout and publishing, Premiere Pro & Audition for video & sound editing, and After Effects for video effects & animation.

What (you receive as finalized artwork)

Once your design is finished, I provide a print-ready file that can be used by any professional print agency. If you would like me to handle both design & printing, just ask.

Why (vector graphics)?

First the easy part: With the exception of photographic elements, most of the graphics I produce are vector based. This means my graphics can quickly be repurposed and reused for pring marketing material such as flyers, business cards, company letterhead; even billboards and car wraps!

Also, as an added advantage of using Let’s Talk Graphics first as your web designer and then as your graphic artist, I am able to easily match official company colors and themes across both web and print design.

Now things get a little technical. Unlike a JPG image (or any other raster image) which places dots in a Cartesian coordinate system, vector graphics are a mathematical representation of an image made up of paths and formed through geometric primitives. In short, they scale!. You can resize vector art to something much larger (or much smaller) than how it was originally designed and the final result will not suffer from pixelation.

Forgive the pun but for a graphic designer — this is huge!

Interested in seeing proof? If you zoom in on the first logo image below (Ctrl or Cmd + ) you’ll see the the image eventually appears fuzzy around the edges. The second logo image is not an image at all, rather an embedded SVG file. No matter how much you zoom in to he embedded SVG ‘image’, it will not pixelate.

(Ctrl or Cmd + 0 resets the browser viewport back to 100% just in case you actually tried zooming in.)

Artboard 1

Scalability makes vector images ideally suited not just for sharp web-based graphics but also for print material like business cards and flyers. The same graphic that looks great on your website can be scaled down to a business card — or up to billboard — and still retain a crisp appearance.

Original signage
Calvada Meadows Airport
Calvada Meadows Airport sign


Graphic design services don’t begin and end with Photoshop. Photography plays a huge roll! As for photography and how it relates to website development, photography tends to be small-format and object-oriented — meaning that pictures required for websites are small in dimension and typically focused on objects, not people. This makes most website photography straightforward. With that said, I shoot with professional Canon equipment and lenses. When shooting inside, I use an array of pro lighting gear for the best possible results. If you are looking for a professional portrait, I recommend Elena at Pahrump Photography.

Logo Design

A logo is important. It is usually the primary anchor point of a website and often acts as a unique identifier of the company itself. You might be surprised to learn that many companies either do not have a logo or have a .JPG image they’ve “been using for years because the person who originally created it is no longer around”.

Both situations present a problem. In one case a logo exists but its quality is so poor because of its low resolution, or the image suffers degradation from years of editing and re-editing the image file. The second situation is equally bad because no logo is…well….no logo! Logos are important, even if the logo is just styled text.

I can help in both situations. If you have an existing logo, but only in JPG or another raster format, I can recreate it as a vector graphic. If you have no logo at all I can design and develop one for you. Naturally, I use my own design ideas, but a logo is incredibly personal and client input is very much welcomed. If you have a specific logo idea, I will work together with you diligently to make your vision a reality.

At the end of the project, you receive:

  • A logo (and all rights)
  • A vector logo (provided as .AI, .SVG, .EPS & .PDF)
  • Outstanding graphic design services!