Graphic Design Services

Let’s Talk Graphics provides top-notch graphic design services. We generally work in the digital realm but also provide photography, videography, and video animation services too.

Our artwork is vector based. We use a combination of several different graphics editing programs including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Fireworks. Finished graphics can be repurposed by any capable print agency and reused for collateral marketing material such as flyers, business cards, and company letterhead.

Logo Design

A logo is important. It is a primary anchor point of a website and often acts as a unique identifier of the company itself. You might be surprised to learn that many companies either do not have a logo or have a .JPG image they’ve “been using for years because the person who originally created it is no longer around”.

Both situations present a problem. In one case a logo exists but its quality is so poor because of its low resolution, or the image suffers degradation from years of editing and re-editing the image file. The second situation is equally bad because no logo is…well….no logo! Logos are important, even if the logo is just styled text.

I can help in both situations. If you have an existing logo, but only in JPG or another raster format, I can recreate it as a vector graphic. If you have no logo at all I can design and develop one for you. Naturally, I use my own design ideas, but a logo is incredibly personal and client input is very much welcomed. If you have a specific logo idea, we will work together diligently to make your vision a reality.

At the end of the project, you receive:

  • Your logo (and all rights)
  • A vector logo
  • A vector file of the logo
  • Optionally I can help you file trademark of your logo with USPTO

Why Vector Graphics?

I keep mentioning the word vector like it’s important. That’s because it is!

Unlike a JPG (or any other raster image), which places dots in a Cartesian coordinate system, vector graphics are a mathematical representation of an image made up of paths and formed through geometric primitives. Because they are a mathematical representation, vector graphics are scalable. Unlike a JPG or other form of raster graphic, vector graphics do not suffer from pixelation when resized. This makes vector graphics ideally suited not only for web-based graphics but also for collateral materials.