Graphics Design Toolkit

Unlike JPEG images, vector graphics are scalable, giving the image infinite resolution. Vector graphics can thus easily be repurposed making themĀ  very cost-efficient to reproduce. Savings are passed along to the consumer. 95% of the images that I produce are vector.

I use use the usual productivity tools like PowerPoint, Word, Excel, & Acrobat. Online tools help with color themes and font selection. Add to the list, Adobe Illustrator (a vector graphics editor) & Photoshop (a rasterĀ  graphics editor) for ccreating and editing. Incorporate Adobe Lightroom for photography. Include Adobe InDesign for page layout and desktop publishing. Integrate Adobe Premiere Pro & Audition for video & sound production. Assimilate Adobe After Effects for video effects & animation. And that’s about it, but enough with the stringing of synonyms!

Drawing with a Mouse vs. Drawing with a Stylus

Drawing squares and circles is automatic so when the occasion arises to create an organic graphic, like a cat, or horse, or something else with natural flowing lines, I draw by hand using a XP-PEN Artist Display 24 Pro. It basically a big monitor that you can draw on; it’s a very natural way to draw and a HUGE timesaver over a mouse!


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