Graphics Design Toolkit

Unlike JPEG images, vector graphics are scalable, giving the image infinite resolution. Vector graphics can thus easily be repurposed making them  very cost-efficient to reproduce. Savings are passed along to the consumer. 95% of the images that I produce are vector.

I use use the usual productivity tools like PowerPoint, Word, Excel, & Acrobat. Online tools help with color themes and font selection. Add to the list, Adobe Illustrator (a vector graphics editor) & Photoshop (a raster  graphics editor) for ccreating and editing. Incorporate Adobe Lightroom for photography. Include Adobe InDesign for page layout and desktop publishing. Integrate Adobe Premiere Pro & Audition for video & sound production. Assimilate Adobe After Effects for video effects & animation. And that’s about it, but enough with the stringing of synonyms!

Drawing with a Mouse vs. Drawing with a Stylus

Drawing squares and circles is automatic so when the occasion arises to create an organic graphic, like a cat, or horse, or something else with natural flowing lines, I draw by hand using a XP-PEN Artist Display 24 Pro. It basically a big monitor that you can draw on; it’s a very natural way to draw and a HUGE timesaver over a mouse!

6 Common Graphic Design Projects


Promote your products, services, and events in print and digital form!

Flyers are both a low-cost and efficient method of advertising. The same design can be used both in print and in digital form. One to hand out, and the same design for social media.

Business Cards

The most important representation of you: your business card.

Think of a business card as a miniaturized work of art. The correct choice and efficient placement of individual elements will make a person look twice!


Product images, biographic headshots, team photos, and other categories of photographs play a huge roll in website design. Photographs tend to be small-format and object-oriented -- meaning that pictures required for websites are small in dimension. They say one picture is worth a thousand words, so with small-format photography, every pixel counts!


In areas of high-traffic, a billboard might just be the most cost-effective way to advertise your business. Billboards are large and visible. They offer a huge canvas on which to paint and can easily present your marketing message.

TV & Digital Media

Having maintained Pahump's local TV station for the past year, I've learned that that TV broadcasting is a fast-paced industry. Graphics are usually to-the-point, produced in quick succession and often in decks of 12 or more.


Every graphic design project has different requirements. For a free quote, call Let’s Talk Graphics — (775) 513-1402.