Let’s Talk Graphics works with each client to identify project requirements and provides website development services tailored to fit. Once a website is live, ongoing website maintenance & webmaster services increase the site’s marketing & SEO value.

The first thing a person may notice when visiting this website is a distinct lack of color and graphics. Why would a website developer keep such a boring looking website? It’s a conscious choice. For me this website is about efficiency and remaining neutral. You came here for information, not my personal design tastes.

Designing the look of a website is most often a team effort — accomplished by both the client and web designer. Once in a while I am given executive control to design whatever I want. Developing a website where I have creative design is fun but also nerve-wracking because visual design is so subjective. At the end of the day a website represents client tastes. Want to see what I mean? Here is a quick list of a few of my latest projects:

Development Platforms & Web-based Software Applications Development

WordPress platform

Quite often the websites we build are CMS-based. A great many of those are built using WordPress. *THIS* website is built on top of WordPress using a theme developed by a company named WPZOOM.

It makes sense that WordPress is popular with website designers. WordPress has an intuitive user interface so it is a great base for rapid design. WordPress Plugins exist for just about every conceivable requirement and most of them are free! What isn’t to like?

WordPress for your E-Commerce website

The WooCommerce Shopping Cart (another free WordPress plugin), is an automatic go-to for WordPress E-Commerce websites. Ongoing website maintenance is a necessity, but overall, a WordPress e-commerce website, coupled with WooCommerce, just works.

Custom website development and application programming

As impressive as WordPress, Magenta, etc. CMS-based websites are, some people need a custom solution. So could I more than quadruple the amount of development time required, and develop a custom dynamic HTML/CSS website? Absolutely!

WordPress development only begins to scratch the surface of what we are capable of! We also design & develop full-custom HTML & CSS websites. We can also design, develop, and integrate custom MySQL databases to make otherwise static HTML website dynamic.

Code-complete, our custom websites are a combination of several different languages (declarative & imperative) including HTML, CSS, PHP, SVG & Java.

Classic HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL (handcoded, circa 2008)


Free Website Platforms

Using Wix? I can help you develop a website although I will try to talk you out of using a free website platform. If you haven’t already committed to a free platform, read this before signing up with one. If you are set on a specific path such as Wix or Yolo, just say so. I’ll roll up my sleeves and work with the platform of your choice.

Ongoing Website Maintenance

Once a website is code complete, it requires ongoing maintenance. Website maintenance ensures that your visitors will always experience your website the way that you intended. From a slightly more boring perspective, website maintenance helps your website stay secure (as much as it is possible). If all of this sounds complex, don’t worry, we won’t leave you on your own! For those who want a website, but don’t have the time or experience to properly maintain one, we offer ongoing website maintenance & webmaster services.

Ready, Set, Go!

WordPress or custom, all Let’s Talk Graphics website development packages provide for a FULL and FUNCTIONAL website, including all ‘standard’ pages, plus mission-critical pages and applications identified during the consultation. Every Let’s Talk Graphics WordPress website is configured with plugins designed to assist in security, SEO, and website analytics & traffic monitoring.

Along with our ability to create great websites, manage a project’s technical side from start to finish, and develop original vector graphic and collateral artwork along the way, there really isn’t much for a client to do except to approve designs and supply content!

We look forward to speaking with you about your website development requirements. Contact Us Monday through Friday by telephone at (775) 513-1402.