Let’s Talk Graphics works with each client to identify project requirements and provides website development services tailored to fit. Once a website is live, ongoing website maintenance & webmaster services increase the site’s marketing & SEO value.

Website development

WordPress platform

More and more often websites that we build are CMS-based, and of those many are WordPress websites. It makes sense that people want to use WordPress. WordPress has an intuitive user interface, so it is a great base for rapid website development. WordPress Plugins exist for just about every conceivable requirement, and most of them are free! The WooCommerce Shopping Cart (another free WordPress plugin), is an automatic go-to for WordPress E-Commerce websites. Ongoing maintenance is a necessity, but overall, a WordPress website just works.

Custom website development and application programming

Website development only begins to scratch the surface of what we are capable of! We also design, develop, and integrate custom MySQL databases to make otherwise static HTML websites dynamic! Code-complete, most of our custom websites are a combination of several different languages including HTML, CSS, PHP, SVG & Java.

If that sounds complex, don’t worry, we won’t leave you on your own! (Unless you prefer it that way.) For those who want a website, but don’t have the time to properly maintain one, we also offer ongoing website maintenance & webmaster services.

Ready, Set, Go!

WordPress or custom, all website development packages provide for a FULL and FUNCTIONAL website, including all ‘standard’ pages, plus mission-critical pages and applications identified during the consultation. Every Let’s Talk Graphics WordPress website is configured with plugins designed to assist in security, SEO, and website analytics & traffic monitoring.

Along with our ability to create a fresh website, manage the project’s technical side from start to finish, and develop vector graphic and collateral artwork, there really isn’t much for a client to do except to approve designs and supply content!

We look forward to speaking with you about your website development requirements. Contact Us Monday through Friday by telephone at (775) 513-1402.