Update plugins & core software for the best visitor experience


Regularly-scheduled backups in case of catastrophe


Website Security: Malware scanner and firewall prevent unauthorized access

Technical Support

My personal line, when you have questions about your website

Content Mods

Content is king; the #1 way to attract new site visitors

Account Monitor

Monitor domain name and hosting plan expiration & renewal dates

Technical Problems?

I'm your personal webmaster. Your problem is my problem. 'Nuf said

Business Consulting

Maximize the effectiveness of your website in day-to-day business

Keeping a website properly maintained benefits your site visitors, increases the website’s security and page load time, and helps boost your site’s appearance in search engines.

Website Maintenance vs. Content Maintenance

Content is king.  Adding great content to your website is the best thing that you can do to attract visitors. But adding content isn’t website maintenance.

Website maintenance is the myriad of behind-the-scenes technical actions required to keep a website functional and secure (backups, updates, content & graphic optimization SEO optimization, and etc.). And because website maintenance is different from so-called content maintenance, most website developers charge a monthly fee for website maintenance, a different fee whenever you want to add or change something.

Let's Talk Graphics Website Maintenance

Let’s Talk Graphics ongoing website maintenance and webmaster services cover the addition of content, the technical work, and so much more in one monthly fee.

How Much & How Much?

$67.50 (per month)*

Why such a low price for such a high-value service? Experience. I’ve been doing this type of work professionally since 1986. I know that most client websites require about 7 hours a month to properly maintain. Three (3) hours for content updates and four (4) hours for technical maintenance.


*$67.50/mo as defined. Additional premium services such as monthly Analytics reports are available upon request.