Ongoing website maintenance is key to your website’s success. Be sure to maintain it properly!

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Maximize your investment

You’ve invested good money into the development of a website. Once it is live, it time to start taking care of that investment.

You can wash it all day long and make it look good, but to function at peak efficiency your vehicle requires regular maintenance. To ensure that your investment in the vehicle pays off and isn’t just wasted money, you hire an automotive technician to perform oil changes, check the brakes, and etc.

Think of your website as being similar to a vehicle. Without maintenance, the underlying code of the website eventually becomes outdated and features begin to break. Website maintenance ensures that your website is secure, remains up-to-date, and looks good when visitors ‘take it for a drive’.

What is website maintenance?

Writing blog entries & posting photos often result in new & returning visitors, but those things aren’t “Website Maintenance”. Website maintenance is the myriad of behind-the-scenes action items that are required to keep a website functional.

More specifically, Let’s Talk Graphics ongoing website maintenance and webmaster services cover the most technical (and critical) areas of ongoing website maintenance. A basic maintenance plan includes:

  • Update plugins & core software (WordPress websites),
  • Perform regular backups in case of a catastrophe,
  • Ensure that *SEO is implemented on new content,
  • **New content addition / **Remove outdated content,
  • Ensure platform and plugin security updates are applied in a timely manner,
  • Act as a liaison with the web hosting company if  there are technical questions/concerns/features that I am unable to personally address,
  • Suggest improvements based on my knowledge in the field of website SEO, design, and development, and,
  • Provide telephone support when you have questions about your website

Tailored to Fit

My goal is to keep your monthly webmaster costs to a minimum. I believe that my plan covers everything that you will need to ensure the continuity & uptime of your website. If you require more advanced webmaster services, I am willing to discuss! Plans start at just $67.50/mo. Call today to apply for Let’s Talk Graphics webmaster services.


*When Yoast is installed and active, you automatically receive a boost in SEO!
**Client makes a request for content deletion, provides new content for addition, OR purchases content creation time whereby Let’s Talk Graphics creates new content. Allotted time for new content addition is agreed upon at the time of website maintenance agreement. Content creation is billed separately and is not considered website maintenance.

Ignore your company website and it will go nowhere, guaranteed.

Call and let’s talk about your specific website maintenance requirements. You will be glad the burden is off your shoulders, and happy to see that your website is once again producing results.

Let’s Talk Graphics — (775) 513-1402.

Not every website is maintainable, and not every website owner qualifies for Let’s Talk Graphics webmaster services.