Keeping a website maintained benefits site visitors, increases the website’s security, reduces page load time, and helps boost your site’s appearance in search engines. Don’t just build a website and let it sit. Make sure that it runs at peak performance every day of the year!

Let’s Talk Graphics ongoing monthly maintenance includes:


Update plugins & core software for the best visitor experience


Regularly-scheduled backups in case of catastrophe


Website Security: Malware scanner and firewall prevent unauthorized access

Technical Support

My personal line, when you have questions about your website

Content Mods

Content is king; the #1 way to attract new site visitors

Account Monitor

Monitor domain name and hosting plan expiration & renewal dates

Technical Issues?

I'm your personal webmaster. Your problem is my problem.

Business Consulting

Maximize the effectiveness of your website in day-to-day business

Website Maintenance vs. Content Maintenance

Website maintenance is the myriad of behind-the-scenes technical actions required to keep a website functional and secure (backups, updates, content & graphic optimization, search engine optimization, and so forth. Adding and maintaining the text and other content that visitors see is something else entirely.


WordPress websites in particular require regular maintenance. Maintenance includes updating core WordPress files, plugins & extensions.  Updates to plugins occur often; daily in some cases. Plugin updates generally include minor bug fixes, but some include security fixes for critical vulnerabilities. It is important for website owners to differentiate between important and critical and apply updates accordingly. (For example, you do not want to apply updates during the height of the day when your site may have active visitors.)


We’ve all been there. The computer crashes, we lose our data, and can never get it back because we didn’t back up.

Losing a PC is bad, but not as bad as losing an entire company website! Performing regular backups, maintaining historical backups, and storing everything properly can be key to recovering from disaster.


WordPress (and other CMS-based websites) offer large attack surfaces, made all the more complex in part by how many 3rd-party plugins are in use. It is thus important to understand your website at a low level so that potential security risks can be identified and mitigated. The good news is, it isn’t just the website that receives all of this unwanted attention! More often than not it is the hosting server that bears the brunt of web-based attacks. It is thus important to understand the role of a hosting server, how to configure it so that it offers a sufficient level of security while still maintaining a level of efficiency.

Any website can be hacked but don’t make it easy on the ‘bad guys’.  Just layer up and use all available means of protection.

Technical Support

Web development companies happily develop your website, but will they be there for you when you have questions? Rather than saying “I don’t know,  try calling the hosting company”, I answer your call, take time to understand your question, and then do my best to provide answers & quick resolutions.  (I spent over a decade of my life in phone tech support. I know how important 

Content Modifications

Do you write content? If not, why not? You know more about your business than anybody else!  You are the perfect copywriter for your website. Write your own content and I’ll post it at no extra charge. Do you need even more incentives? 

  • Writing your own content is FREE!
  • Keyword research is FREE!
  • Product research is FREE!

How is that? Because most if not all the knowledge is upstairs in your noggin! Put it into writing — nothing fancy, plain text is actually preferable. Email that text to me and I’ll take care of placing it on your website.

Account monitoring

Hosting account, email account, ICANN confirmations, domain name renewals, on-file credit card expirations – the list of things easily forgotten is lengthy. Unfortunately, forgetting could spell loss-of-control over your website. I monitor your accounts and keep you apprised of upcoming renewals and important administrative-level tasks.

Technical Issues?

The last thing anybody wants to hear is ‘sorry, I can’t help you with that problem’.  I’ve been working in web & software development since 1990, and computers in general since 1982. There isn’t much that I can’t help you with, and if I can’t, I probably know somebody who can.

Business consulting

I won’t claim to know how to run your business but what good is a website without instruction? Each month I look over a myriad of reports and give you ideas on how to improve the online presence part of your brick-and-mortar business.

How Much & How Much?

Monthly rates start at $63 and range up to $165.