Are free websites real?

Companies such as, Yola, and even Google — offer free websites. Those are 3 popular platforms, but there are many such companies. Some are completely free, while some are free until you implement advanced features. BUT … the website designer is still YOU. You use their free online builder and platform to design and build your website. Does that make for a free website? It depends on how much you value your time as a business owner.

Can a business owner develop their own company website?

Absolutely yes!

Can a business owner develop their own company website for free?

No. Your time has value so therefore every minute that you spend working on your website costs you money. FULL-DISCLOSURE: I am a website developer. Of course, I’m going to tell you that you should just hire Let’s Talk Graphics and be done with it. In my opinion, your time as a business owner is best served running your business.

What are the disadvantages of a free website?

There are too many to list. For the purposes of this article, the initial considerations are:

  1. An obvious goal of having a company website is to develop YOUR company’s online presence. There is ZERO equity in using somebody else’s platform to build your company website.
  2. If you are new to website development, you will have a steep learning curve; you will need to familiarize yourself with everything — from registering your domain name and choosing the right hosting package to choosing a template that is both aesthetically pleasing *and* one that offers the right set of features.
  3. Once past the technical hurdles, there is still the planning and design phase. Before you can design, you NEED to plan. Failure to plan things out from step A to step Z will result in time lost.
  4. Development. This part is easy … at least that is what the free online website companies will lead you to believe. The truth is, if you don’t have a solid background in multiple disciplines (design & layout, graphics editing, color themes), your website will not look as good as it could.
  5. In 100% of the cases that I’ve been witness to, free (and sometimes even paid!) online website builders’ feature sets are too basic. Oftentimes they don’t offer even the basic features required by a ‘real’ company website. The worst part is, most people won’t find out about such shortfalls until after they’ve already invested a significant amount of time trying to develop their ‘free’ website.
  6. Website maintenance. Plan on spending 2 to 3 full days each month maintaining your website and performing SEO. The straight-up truth is — if you fail to maintain your website, you might as well not have created one in the first place. Ongoing maintenance is important and is the ONLY way that you’re your website becomes successful.

Let’s Talk Graphics will build your free website.

Apologies for the clickbait title. Let’s Talk Graphics does not offer free website design. We DO, however, build websites using your favorite FREE online website developer. I have a standard hourly rate and depending on how fancy or plain, I can develop a functional website in one or two afternoons*.

*possible because free online website builders’ limited feature sets make for very quick builds.

In summary

Developing a website is a process, but I am adept at it. What might take somebody weeks to create, I might be able to develop in just 2 or 3 days. If your time is valuable, consider letting a professional website developer create your website. It won’t be completely free, but the end result will save you valuable time.

Time = Money.