Web Design

Website Design

I offer a range of web design services and create fast-loading, professional-looking, easy-to-use & user-friendly websites that meet your business needs.

My designs are responsive, mobile-friendly, and easily optimized for search engines. Need to be online ASAP? My development process ensures that your website is up and running quickly.

Website Maintenance

Ongoing website maintenance ensures that your website is up-to-date, secure, and performing at its best. Ongoing website maintenance services include regular backups, security updates, technical support, content addition, content swaps, and more.

Website Redesign

There is a website in my portfolio that is 13 years old. It is still in action because it is well-maintained and has received upgrades over time. If your website is outdated or not performing well, don’t wait any longer! Redesign your existing website and improve visitor experience, and increase search engine rankings and customer conversion rates!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To a consumer, SEO is an umbrella term for ‘make my website come up on page #1 of a Google search’. That’s a tall order, but over the long run and with a focused investment in time & energy, I can optimize your website for search engines, increase its visibility online, and help it attract more organic traffic.

E-commerce Website Development

Combine WordPress and WooCommerce, integrate a payment gateway, select a shipping provider, and sell your products and services online! My e-commerce designs are user-friendly and designed to increase your company sales!

Rather use Shopify, Wix, or Etsy instead of WordPress?

Content Creation

Writer’s block? I’m rarely at a loss for words! Let me create high-quality, engaging content for your website, including blog posts, articles, and product descriptions.

My content is optimized for search engines and designed to attract and retain your target audience. As long as you can tell me in general what you want to talk about, I can write up the story!

New WordPress Website (Standard Package)

There are well over 75,000 standard WordPress templates that can be refined to suit your needs exactly. Let’s Talk Graphics is here to craft a stunning online presence that perfectly aligns with your personal or business vision. With WordPress, I’ll create the five standard pages that every successful website should have: First, a Home page that welcomes visitors and conveys your brand’s essence. Next, an About Us page that shares your unique story, building trust and rapport. Then, a Services or Products page that showcases what you offer in an engaging manner. Let’s not forget the Contact Us page, providing a seamless way for your audience to connect with you. Finally, I’ll include a Blog or News section to keep your visitors informed and entertained. Together, we’ll bring your dream website to life, reflecting your values, and ensuring a memorable user experience. Embrace the power of WordPress today, and let us help you shine online!

Website Development Pricing: Starts at $500. If you require domain name registration and website hosting, I can assist you with setting up a cost-effective website hosting package. The reality: Less any optional website maintenance & SEO services, your first year cost-of-ownership to develop a new business website is generally less than $1200. To recoup the cost of developing a website, use it to generate at least $100 revenue per month. See: 10 Tips on How to Recoup Website Development Costs

Why Hire a Web Designer?


A professional website designer has the skills and experience to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website. A professional designer will follow a formula. There is no guesswork. Layout, typography, color, and 199 other things are taken into consideration early in the project lifecycle, ensuring that your website provides a positive visitor experience.

It isn’t impossible to create your own website ‘for free’ with a platform such as Wix, but it can still be complex and time-consuming. Efficiently moving through the process requires a wide range of skills and knowledge. Many people get through the sign-up process, take one look at the development environment, and call for help.

I work with people all over the world but if your company is based in Pahrump, I can take face-to-face meetings. I’m always just a phone call, voice mail, text, or email away. Contact Let’s Talk Graphics today!

Web Design Process

My design process involves a carefully planned-out series of steps. The process can take anywhere from 1 day to 4 weeks. Exact steps may vary slightly depending on the specific needs and goals of the project, but generally include the following:

At each step in the web design process, I work closely with a client to ensure the final product meets their needs and goals.

I’ll gather information and content during the planning stage, share design concepts and prototypes during the design stage, and solicit feedback and input when it is necessary.

Want to know more? From the blog: Anatomy of a website build

When you are ready to get started

When ready to commit to a website development project

To make the design and development process as smooth as possible, have the following in mind:

Purpose: What is the main goal or purpose of the website? Is it to sell products, provide information, or something else? This will help guide the design and content of the website.

Audience: Who is the website for? Understanding the target audience for the website can help inform the design, language, and content of the site.

Content: What content will be included on the website? It’s important to plan out the content of the website in advance so that it can be organized and structured effectively.

Design: Templates are purposefully general purpose, quick to develop and modify, and there is one for everybody and everything. But do you have specific requirements for how your website should look? Consider the overall aesthetic and layout of the site, as well as any specific design elements that should be included.

Functionality: What features or functionality should the website have? This could include things like contact forms, e-commerce functionality, or a blog.

Domain name and hosting: Choose a domain name and hosting provider for the website. It’s important to choose a domain name that is easy to remember and relevant to the website’s content.

Website Maintenance: Include website maintenance as part of cost of ownership! Consider how it will be maintained and updated over time. Will you be responsible for maintaining the website yourself, or will you hire someone else to do it?