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Digital Artistry

Digital Artistry? It’s true, I’m painting a grand picture of my skill as an artist. Whether or not it is deserved or earned is subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some of my art is good. Some are great. Some less so. What I can tell you is that I’ve not yet had any unhappy client commissions.

While some graphics need to be beyond reproach, over time I’ve learned that not everybody is looking for absolute perfection. Some people just want a quick Facebook or Instagram meme or a fun 3D animation. Ok!

Every graphic design project has different requirements. Please call to discuss your project requirements, and for a free quote. I am flexible in what I draw, but my general style is oriented toward commercial application:

  • Vector graphics
  • Logo design
  • Website graphics
  • Business cards
  • Flyers & sales collateral
  • Print-ready advertisement layout
  • Commercial package design
  • Photography – Lightroom & Photoshop processing
  • 3D & Animation – using Adobe Creative Suite
  • I occasionally take on more complex commissions but the only way to know if I can help is for you to call and discuss the project. In less than 5 minutes, you will know. CALL.

This week, On the Easel

Graphic design projects sometimes happen out-of-the blue! Such is the case with my latest project — making babies! TO EXPLAIN, in 2019 while putting together the event flyer for the local Pahrump Diaper Run I decided to draw up an event mascot. It was a simple piece of cliparl; a baby boy in an oversized diaper. Totally perfect for the purpose, and totally royalty free! The best was that it was originally created as a vector, so I immediately set about repurposing and adding to it. By the time the event rolled around, baby boy had himself a very sharp-looking halfie helmet and quite an attitude! (the sign of a real biker, <giggles>).

Had no idea what I was starting, but it really caught on! He was even given the name Garrett. Since then, I’ve added a baby girl character (the sister) and for 2023 (event to be held on Sep 16, 2023), I am working towards moving the characters into the world of 3D!

Baby boy still needs his helmet and I’m not yet ready to present baby girl (hopefully next week). And who knows, maybe a 3rd character appears before Sep 16! I’ll post regular updates here and at Let’s Talk Graphics on Facebook.

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