Graphic Design

More than just a pretty picture

99% of my graphics are developed are vector images. Unlike raster images, vectors are scalable, and that gives them near-infinite resolution. Unlike JPG, PNG or other raster-based images, vector graphics do not pixelate when you make them bigger. Vector graphics can easily be repurposed, making them easier to use and reuse across all forms of your digital and print media.

As a vector image is printed at a larger and larger scale, edges remain sharp.


Every graphic design project has different requirements. For a free quote, call Let’s Talk Graphics — (775) 513-1402.

What you receive as a final product

There are two forms of product that a client may receive; raster and/or vector. I always provide multiple forms of the raster-based image — JPG, PNG, & TIFF, and a non-editable PDF. An editable SVG file (the ‘source’ of the graphic) is available at an additional cost. (But why, it’s mine, and you charged already!?!) Not to worry. You as the owner, The Client, own the copyright to the end result; The Work. Your copyright also protects The Work. The designer is simply the Author. The Author (the designer; me) will not reuse or resell your design, however, benefits from a potential source of future income when The Client requires changes and reprints to the vector image. Hopefully that explanation helps but if not, absolutely feel free to ask questions!

Past Projects

Just a few past projects, in no particular order.