Graphic Design

While some graphics need to be beyond reproach, over time I’ve learned that not everybody is looking for absolute perfection. Some people just want a quick Facebook or Instagram meme or a fun 3D animation. No problem! Every graphic design project has different requirements and I’m willing to entertain almost any idea. Call to discuss your project requirements and for a free quote. I am flexible in what I create, but my general style is oriented toward commercial application:

  • Vector graphics
  • Logo design
  • Website graphics
  • Business cards
  • Flyers & sales collateral
  • Print-ready advertisement layout
  • Commercial package design
  • Photography – Lightroom & Photoshop processing
  • 3D & Animation – using Adobe Creative Suite

I occasionally take on more complex commissions but the only way to know if I can help is for you to call and discuss the project. In less than 5 minutes, you will know. CALL.

This week, On the Easel

This week’s logo (shown above) is not new. It’s actually one of the first logos that I ever created. The company name was Bikonic. Paul, the owner of Bikonic said to combine a Fleur de Lis with motorcycles, in icon form. It required a few iterations, but when the aha moment struck, it was a bit like lightning. Now, many years later, it still one of my personal favorites.

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