Established 2008 in Pahrump, Nevada USA, Let’s Talk Graphics focus is web design & graphic design.

WordPress CMS is the recommended solution for most business websites due to its ease-of-use. Custom-coded websites created with HTML/CSS5, PHP, or SQL offer more customization and can get quite technical.

How much does web design cost?

Business owners are best-served by focusing on the management of their company, not on website maintenance. However because it is sometimes impractical for small companies to hire a full-time web expert, the task of maintaining the company website sometimes falls to an unsuspecting & unwilling internet hobbyist employee.

Maintain a solid online presence by delegating critical  website maintenance & webmaster tasks to Let’s Talk Graphics. 

Looking for a low-cost graphic designer? I’ve created dozens of graphics —  mostly for website and social platform use but also for letterhead logos, flyers, business cards, billboard signs, maps, the list goes on. Are you ready to make your vision my reality?

View a few of my past projects.

Logo Design & 'Print-ready'

Signage/T-shirt design for Thee MAD DOG Studio