Thursday the 13th

Not that it matters — the date. It’s just that the previous post was date-focused, so I figured I’d carry on the theme.

The weather! It’s hot. Very hot. Truthfully it isn’t much different from what we usually experience this time of year. Being located in between Death Valley and Las Vegas Valley has its perks (see attached graphic with the next few days forecast).  </deadpan>

Happy 4th of July!

Hey everybody, hope you are enjoying the 4th of July holi-Days! A lot of people are taking the entire weekend plus today and tomorrow (the actual “4th” of July) as their holiday this year. I’m considering it.

As you can see I finally had some time to get the new website up and running.  I switched hosting providers and instead of migrating the old WordPress site, decided to start anew. It isn’t finished — it never will be — but the main business points are there. Aaaand….I’m happily settled in at GoDaddy.

More content is on the way — I’ve grown the business to include videography, video editing, and computer animation services and will provide examples as time permits. In the meantime, there are a couple of pet projects (short animations developed in Adobe After Effects) posted to the YouTube channel.

What else … School!  My son just finished his first year of homeschooling! He did really great and is now enjoying summer vacation sleeping in late and playing video games. Lucky kid. 🙂