Will AI replace human workers?

NOTE: Much of this article is generated by ChatGPT

Much hype has been generated recently over the latest iteration of ChatGPT and, while impressive, it still presents many limitations. Something that it does do well is to generate articles and reports, so I asked GPT-3 if AI would be able to replace a designer specifically as it relates to typography.

I thought for sure the AI would be more confident in its abilities, but it was surprisingly modest in its answers. In addition to using the answers provided by ChatGPT, I’ve filled in additional information that ChatGPT did not immediately make clear.

Me to ChatGPT: How can AI replace a website designer?

ChatGPT: While AI can assist website designers in certain tasks, it is not currently able to fully replace a human designer.

AI can assist with tasks such as suggesting color palettes, font pairings, and layout options, but it cannot fully replicate the creative and strategic thinking that a human designer brings to the process. Website design involves understanding the client’s business goals and target audience, and creating a website that effectively communicates and resonates with them. This requires a level of empathy and understanding that AI is not yet capable of.

Additionally, AI is not able to fully understand and replicate the nuances of design trends and best practices, or the practical considerations that go into building a functional and user-friendly website.

Overall, while AI can be a useful tool for designers, it cannot fully replace the role of a human designer in website design.

Me to ChatGPT: How can AI help a designer with typography?

ChatGPT: There are several ways that artificial intelligence (AI) can help designers with typography:

  1. AI can suggest font pairings: There are AI tools available that can suggest font pairings based on the chosen primary font. is one. Suggestions from an AI can save designers time and help them create aesthetically pleasing designs.
  2. AI can identify problems with typography: AI can analyze a design and identify any issues with the typography, such as uneven spacing or misaligned text. This can save designers time and help them create high-quality designs. (
  3. AI can generate custom fonts: Some AI tools can generate custom fonts based on the design style and requirements of the project. This can be especially useful for designers who need a unique font for a specific project. (
  4. AI can optimize text layout: AI can help designers optimize the layout of text in a design by analyzing the content and suggesting the best way to arrange it. This can help designers create more readable and visually appealing designs. ( )


Overall, AI can be a helpful tool for designers looking to streamline their typography work and create professional-quality designs.

One thing of note is where ChatGPT says that AI “is not currently able to fully replace a human designer”.

I think the operative word is currently because — eventually different types of AI models should be able to integrate and function as one (a long discussion in and of itself).

For the moment, and to make my work easier and results more predictable — I for one will adopt and use helpful AI tools like they are going out of style! (No pun intended.)