UPDATE: Still having problems blogging regularly. It isn't that there aren't enough ideas or things to blog about, it's lack of time! For somebody like myself, blogging is more an…

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In the Halloween mood

What better way to hone Illustrator skills than by following along with a tutorial and eating lots of candy? This one was fun. And lengthy. And double the time required…

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Chrome 62 is here

I blogged about it last week, so a quick follow up... As expected, Chrome 62 marks additional HTTP pages as insecure. The good news is that all of the clients I've…

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Adobe MAX 2017

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Wish I could be at Adobe Max this year! I could be taking pictures! I'll just have it set as a goal for next year. This year I watch the…

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Vulnerability discovered in WPA2

A vulnerability discovered in the WPA2 protocol, dubbed KRACKs, was revealed to the general public yesterday by security researcher Mathy Vanhoef. A detailed description of the vulnerability and a proof-of-concept…

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